Spore Creature Editor

An intuitive and free creation tool that allows users to create their own life form

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Create your own adorable monsters, scary creatures and more with Spore Creature Maker. The developers behind the Spore video game had a hit on their hands with The Sims, which spawned a number of sequels and accessory packs. After spending years working on Spore, fans thought that it would be the best video game of all time. A commercial that ran during the Super Bowl and an intense advertising campaign had players holding their breath and waiting for its release. Once Spore landed in stores, most fans thought that the best part of the game was the feature that let them create their own monsters. With Spore Creature Maker, you can now create those monsters without playing the game.

Spore Creature Maker is one of the best and most entertaining ways to spend a few hours. This gives you complete control over the monsters that you create. It comes with multiple options that let you decide on the size, color and overall shape of your creature. You can then add arms, legs, eyes and facial features, and the program lets you adjust the placement or change the shape and size of those features. In the demo version, you only have access to a small selection of features. If you play the Spore computer game, you'll have access to all those special features and options.

Once you finish designing your creature, you can see how it will work in the game. The program lets you control your creature and make it walk around the screen. It also comes with an interactive option that lets you play music to see how your creature responds and see the different emotions that it can express. The game lets you mate with other creatures and have babies, and this program shows you what the creature's offspring will look like.

What fun is there in creating cute little monsters that only you will see? While you can't turn your monsters into icons or pictures for your Facebook page, you can head online and share your finished creature with others. You can create a free account on Sporepedia, which lets fans talk about the game. Upload your creature to the site to get feedback and hear some opinions about your little guy or gal. You can even browse through the forums and get an idea about the most popular creatures created by others.

Many people thought Spore would change the world of video games, but the game barely made a dent in the market. With the Spore Creature Maker, you can enjoy the best of that game without actually playing.


  • Lets you create and control every aspect of your little creature
  • Upload your finished monster to the Sporepedia website, which offers free membership
  • Play with your creature to learn more about its emotions and potential offspring


  • Demo version offers limited access to features
  • Doesn't let you save the image for use elsewhere
  • Designed for use with the Spore computer game, which you'll need to download separately

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